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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you covered by my insurance?

My services are covered by a variety of insurance providers, including Green Shield, Manulife, and Sunlife. I always recommend that if you are unsure of coverage, you contact your insurance provider and verify that they cover services by a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) prior to our initial session together! 

I process payments after each session is completed, and you receive an invoice via email with my registration number and information for submitting to your insurance provider. 

What approaches do you use?

I incorporate a variety of techniques primarily stemming from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I also incorporate some components of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), self-compassion and mindfulness approaches. I select my use of interventions and skills based upon what best fits my client's needs, and am always open to feedback as to what works well for you. I think of myself as having a toolbox of resources that I can draw from based on your symptoms, experiences, and unique personality.

How long does each therapy session take, and how frequently would we meet?

Most therapy sessions run for 50 minutes, although 80-minute sessions are available for those who feel as though they may want a longer time to process certain life stressors.

I typically discuss the length and frequency of appointments with each client during the initial session and build a unique plan for what best suits their needs. Initially, I might see a client once a week, and as their skills and comfort level develop, we transition to spacing out appointments until we feel as though the client is able to enter "maintenance mode", where we have occasional check-ins or conclude the therapeutic relationship if the client's goals have been met. 

It is a unique path forward for each client, and you will have a say at each step in the journey!

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